December 2006
Sean & Papa Bruce
Sean on his activity mat
Sean in the outfit he came home from the hospital in.  Notice we don't have to fold anything up now!
Sean and more activity mat.
...more activity mat
In the swing
The X-mas Card photo shoot (Take 1)
(Take 2) and the eventual selection!
(Take 3) and not looking happy...
(Take 4) with his straightjacket pose...
(Take 5)
(Take 6)
(Take 7) And that's a wrap...
Really big hoodie
Check out his booties
Looking at Mommy
Not too happy
Daddy & Sean
Sean in the crib looking up at his mobile
Changing table shot
More Sean in his skivvies
Crib shot
Lounging in his Boppy pillow
"Hey, you talkin' to me?!"
Uncle Doug & Sean
Sleeping Sean
More Uncle Doug
Uncle Doug
Uncle Doug
Still more Uncle Doug
Typical pose
Nana & Sean
More Nana & Sean
Glider shot
Little smile creepin' out
More Glider
Sean in one of his many Xmas outfits...
More Glider

Pebbles sleeping on the couch

Not liking the swing

Smiling up at Mommy
Looking at Mommy
Great shot- this is him...
Fading away...
Pumpkin on her heated bed
More Pumpers
Sean on Mommy's shoulder
Beautiful shot of Baby!
Trying to eat Mommy's shoulder
Great profile shot
12/17: Sean getting ready for his first formal outing
Likin' the puppy dog sweater
I'm cute...
Sean & Mommy
Laughing at Mommy
Still Laughin'
More laughin'
More laughin'
Our first family shot!
The end of the day...
Changing into his jammies
More Sean in his skivvies
Sean  on Mommy
He's so compact!
His favorite bed
Classic shot!
Being burped
Big yawn...
Kisses from Daddy
Daddy & Sean
Daddy & Sean
Our sleeping babies
Sean in his bear coat
Mommy's favorite picture!
Daddy & Sean
More Daddy & Sean
Looking at Mommy
Mommy & Sean
Mommy & Sean
Being held by Mommy
Mommy talking to Sean
Getting tired...
Getting cranky...
12/22: Uncle Mike & Sean
Uncle Mike giving Sean lunch
Uncle Bib
More Uncle Mike & Sean
Aerial shot on the activity mat
Yet another Xmas outfit
Neat perspective shot
Xmas Eve with Aunt Carol
More Aunt Carol
Mike & Doug on Xmas Eve
Lounging on Uncle Doug's shoulder
Still lounging
The other side...
Nana & Sean with his Xmas bib
More Nana & Sean
Great Nana & Sean
More Great Nana & Sean
He found his thumb!
Jen opening one of Sean's many gifts
The three bros
More three
Sean with Daddy & the Uncles
More of the same...
Sean, Mommy, Daddy, Uncles
More of the same...
One last one...
Mike & Doug
Nana, Sean & the three brothers
More of the same...
Xmas Day with Pops
More with Pops
Xmas Coffee for Mike
Uncle Doug & Sean
Jen looking Pretty :)
Uncle Mike giving a feeding
Three generations of Palermos!
More three generations...
Three gen's and one Jen
More of the same...
Uncle Chuck with his new xmas toy (courtesy of us)
This present wasn't well thought out... (instructions read: Do not point at anything unless you intend to kill it!)
Been a long Christmas day
Sitting in his car seat
Uncle Chuck & his Blowgun
His official 1st Xmas outfit
Rockin' in his seat
More seat...
More seat...
More seat...
Mona Lisa smile?
Life is good :)
More Baby Santa
Still more...
Still more...
Lindsey, Uncle Chuck, Grandma, Grandpa, Sean, Mommy, Daddy
Take 2
Take 3 with Hunter
Take 4 with Hunter looking at the camera
Mommy and Sean
Mommy and Sean
Daddy and Sean
Family photo
Family photo again
Uncle Chuck and Lindsey
Grandma & Sean
Sean with a BIG laugh!
More laughing
Grandpa, Grandma & Sean
Grandpa & Sean
Sean Smiling!
Grandpa & Grandma
Those little lips...
Sleepy baby
Good at holding his head up
Good ol' changing table
Smiling at Daddy
More smiling
Big smile!
Adorable face!
This just makes me laugh
Yankee bib
Laughing baby
12/28: Yet another xmas outfit
Mouth open
Not too happy
Aunt Wendy, Uncle John, Cousin Isabella & Sean
Cousin Isabella- beautiful eyes!
Cousins Joseph, Dylan, Isabella, Aunt Wendy, Uncle John and Sean
Sean & Uncle John
Isabella & Sean
He seems genuinely interested
More of the sub-1-year-old cousins
Still more...
Still more...
And more...
The photo shoot continues...
...and continues
More cousins
More of the same
More of the same
Isabella going away
Sean & Mommy
More Sean & Mommy
12/29: Isabella & Grandpa
All this holiday hub-bub has drained the little man
Stickin' out the tongue
Hammin' it up