February 2007
Sean in his Baptismal outfit
Not complete without the bowtie!
Or the awesome hat!
This was taken inside church before the service
This now-famous photo in all his baptismal glory
Our families took up an entire half of the church
Show me that smile!
Mommy and Sean
Mommy holding Sean
The family
Family pic with Deacon Joe
Godparents Pic
More Godparents
Godfather Michael & Sean
More of the same...
Godparents John & Wendy with Sean
Jen with Sean, her brother Chuck and her brother John and his family
Cousin Isabella
More Bella
The proud parents
Sean's cake
Mommy's cake (She turned the big 3-0 that day)
Great Nana
Time to go home
All packed up
Uncle John & Bella
Thug life
SJ wearing SJ
He loves his hoodies!
More Sean
Sean (swallowed up by the Boppy pillow)
First Valentine's Day for Sean
One of Daddy's gits to Mommy - a heart-shaped pizza!
Grandma and Sean
Taking a break in the glider
Shooting a stare at Daddy
Great face
Mommy's V-day Roses
Sean's favorite pastime
Taken a bath
More bath
Still more bath
Grabbing Mommy's nose
I like this subtle smile
More serious pose
Sean's long hippy baby hair before it fell out
More hippy baby hair
Sean's favorite toy - the Rainforest Jumperoo!
More Jumperoo - meant for six months plus (which is why Sean is jumping on the U2 coffee table book!)
His favorite pacifier - his hand
Close up on the hand
Innocent little baby
Hangin' in the bouncer
More of the same
Still more
Close up
Extreme close up!  Whoa!
Sean and his friends
Sean in the Boppy
One of his great expressions
Little blinker
More Boppy
Playing with his toes
Best shot of the bunch!
More foot play
Tummy time
Mommy trying to get Sean to roll over
Sean rolled over for the first time on Feb. 12.
Sean reading his book
Sean and his exer-saucer
More exer-saucer
Still more
Smiling for the camera
More of the same
Close up
More close up
Sean and his friends
Sean on Mommy & Daddy's bed
Wearing his spaceman jammies
Blowing bubbles
Hanging out on the changing table
More hanging
Still more
Sean in the Bumbo seat
All bundled up
Gotta love the snow hat
Our little lumberjack!
Ready for a long walk with Mommy
Sean feeding himself
Sean with his Nikes
Sitting up
Admiring his kicks
Sean post-bath
Uncle Doug
Getting fed by Pops
"Be the change you seek"
Looking down from Uncle Doug's shoulder
B&W Uncle Doug
Edwina (17 years old, so the story goes)
More Edwina
One more
Cute smile
Creative shot
He's always most playful right before bed
Sean's bedtime is 8pm
Pumpkin hiding in the blinds
Pumpking watching the birds
Can you see me?
More bird watching
Mommy holding up Sean
More of the same
Kisses from Mommy
Sitting on Mommy
Laughing baby
Kitty fajita
Daddy getting creative with shutter speeds
Swaddled up
Sleepy time for Mommy too
Sean and Pebbles
Just hangin' around
Laughing in the Bumbo
More Bumbo
Still more Bumbo
Exer-saucer in the nursery
Feet nowhere close to touching!
And more...
He loves that star!  Hypnotizing...
Discovering his hand
The Good Shepheard (after his bath)
More Bumbo
Another great expression
Pebbles stretching out
Sean's Future President shirt before he crapped it up
God Bless America
Sean in his crib
More crib
Still more
An inch away from being illegal
Relaxing in the bath
Laughing at Mommy
More smiles
And more
And more
Playing with his  foot
More eating
Put Em' Up!
Great shot looking at Mommy