This is the site that marked my initial internet presence. It's been on the web since 2001 highlighting my various escapades and travels. My plan is to still update it, but I have feeling will become my new flagship site. Either way, it's still a great archive of pictures.
He rushed for over 7000 yards and is the all-time leading rusher in New Jersey high school history. And I made the site. This is the critically acclaimed site I put together for Joe, a fellow Hopatcong Chief. I will continue to update as Hopatcong marches through the football playoffs and through Joe's track season during this, his Senior year. Then we'll move on to Rutgers, where Joe will be playing football for the hottest team in New Jersey- The Scarlet Knights of Rutgers.
As many you know, I'm a closet videographer / digital media enthusiast. And every piece of work I produce is stamped with the Palermo Media Productions insignia. This site highlights some of that work and is basically my little storefront for PMP.
This was my second site. Created it for Bruce so that his pet sitting service would have an internet presence. This site has generated countless leads for Bruce. It's somewhat of a basic site, but we've received a lot of compliments.