January 2007
Gotta love the horsey sweater
Power to the people!
Sly little smile!
Open mouth
Serious pose
He has the cutest lips
Even more serious
Scrunchy face with Mommy
Smiling up at Mommy
Like the courdoroy pants?
Daddy and Sean
Daddy kissing Sean
More kissing
Sticking his tongue at Daddy
One more kiss
Mommy and Baby
Great baby expression
Cat in a box
More cat in a box
Still more
Sean looking sleepy
Sean in his crib
Daddy getting creative with the camera
Styling with the popped collar
Happy baby
Great expression
Is he drunk??
Probably...  (not)
He's too funny
Sean in his PJ's
Watching the mobile in his Pack 'N Play
On the verge of tears...
Pebbles on a chair
The famous overall shots
More overalls
The famous pout
Cute baby
Yep, he knows it
The cats
Pumpkin looking up
Mommy's favorite pic o' the month
He blinked!
More cats
In his PJ's in the glider
More glider
Shy smile
Sitting in Isabella's old bouncer
One last smile
It was only a matter of time before she lost it...
Look at those baby blues!
More blue eyes
I think he has a faux-hawk
Pacifier nearby
Suckin' in the lower lip
Riding on Uncle Doug
Big yawn!
Great Nana and Sean
More of Great Nana and Sean
He could use a tan
Last shot of the month...