March 2007
Great smile
Sean and Mommy
Sean and Daddy
Sean on Mommy
Laughing baby
This was taken on Sean's first vacation - Ocean City, MD
Sean in the hotel room
Interesting perspective shot
Kisses from Mommy
His first swimming trunks
Look at those tiny legs!
On the hotel bed
Sucking on his fist
Laughing before bedtime
Big smile!
A shot from the balcony of our hotel room
The sun rising over the ocean
More early-morning ocean
More Sean
More Sean
Sean and Grandma outside one of the golf courses waiting for Grampa and Daddy
One of the bridges in Delaware
Delaware Memorial Bridge
Back to NJ!
Jumperoo time
More Jumperoo
Giving the camera a stare
Great face
Yankee Baby
And more
Close up
Sleeping on the job
Guess there's only so much Jumperoo'in a baby can take
Cousin Isabella at her first birthday party
More Bella
Sean and Great Nan
Bella in front of a picture of her Great Grandparents
More Bella
Bella and her Great Grandparents
Baby blues
Man of many faces
Looking up at Great Nan
Bella and her friends
More baby blues
Bella and her Daddy
Sean on Grandma
Bella playing peek-a-boo
Bella's play house
More house fun
Still more
I see you!
Isabella and her parents
Fancy cake!
Bella with Jen
Daddy at the end of a hectic day
More Bella and Jen
Watching the balloon
Bella and her Daddy
Bella and her Daddy
More Bella
Great Nan and Sean
More of the same
Sean entertaining himself
Grandpa (probably conked out from the drive to Long Island)
A dog
Sean's first solid food! 
A great eater from Day one!
Bella hamming it up
More Bella
Posin' for the camera
Nice pose
Too cute
That's one happy baby
Jen's favorite Bella pic
Somebody get some pants on that kid!
I'd love to know what he's thinking...
Mommy making Sean's food (or Daddy's)
Hungry = Not Happy Sean
Almost food time!
He knows it's coming
Sean in the high chair
Wondering where the heck his food is and why Mommy is still taking photos...
Face shot
Bibbin' it up
Nice arm reach!
Sean in one of his many Nike onesies
Exer-saucer time
Still playin'
Another photo shoot by Mommy
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4 (he's being such a good sport!)
Take 5
Take 6 (Daddy took this one)
Take 7
Take 8
Take 9
Take 10 (aka The Thinker)
Take 11
Take 12 - best of the bunch!
Sean & Pops
Jen and Sean
Sean laughing
Sean serious
Sean laughing again
Sean serious again
Daddy getting creative with the camera using Uncle Doug as his subject
Sweet Potato Time!
Yummy Yammies!
Who wants a kiss?
Sean in his sweater
Happy baby
Close up
Beautiful eyes
Pebbles stretching out in the sun
Great face
Another great face!
More Jumperoo
Still more
And more
And more
Easter outfit posing, take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5 (this is getting boring!)
Take 6
Take 7
Take 8
Take 9
Take 10
Take 11
Take 12 (string bean legs!)
Tummy time again
More tummy time
And more
Now Bumbo time
More Bumbo
What nice posture!
Looks like he's scheming to do something....
Sportin' the pinstripes
More Jumperoo
Great laugh on the pack and play
Looking up at the Jumperoo
More Jumperoo in the kitchen (while Mommy cooks)
Laughing it up
Sucking in the lower lip :)
Tummy time on his activity mat
More tummy time
And more
Yet another posing session for Mommy
He is too funny
Daddy loves this picture
Eating his hand
What concentration
More exersaucer
Last one for March